Can Zhaoqing warehouse storage racks be used outdoors?

July 19, 2022

Many corporate warehouses use storage racks to store goods. Generally speaking, most of these racks are placed in indoor warehouses, but there are also some companies whose products need to be placed outdoors. So can Zhaoqingwarehouse storage shelving be used outdoors?


Generally speaking, Zhaoqing warehouse storage racks are not recommended for outdoor use. Most of the shelves are made of iron. Although the surface has been sprayed, long-term sun and rain will cause discoloration and rust, and the service life will be shortened, resulting in unstable shelves and other problems.


warehouse storage racks

If the storage racks must be placed outdoors, pay attention to the following points:


1. Choose high-quality storage shelves, good anti-rust effect and corrosion resistance. Although long-term use will be shorter than indoor service life, it is also more durable than ordinary shelves.


2. Avoid exposure to sunlight and rain during outdoor use, and try to store the goods under the canopy.


3. The most important point is that the storage racks need to use outdoor powder baking paint, which can prevent the storage shelves from easily fading and rusting in the case of wind, rain, sun and rain, and the service life is more guaranteed. Of course, the price is more expensive.


It can be seen that Zhaoqing storage racks are best placed indoors, which will not easily fade and rust, and have a longer service life. If it must be used outdoors, it is recommended to choose a shelf with better quality and a special outdoor anti-rust treatment on the surface.

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