Guangaixing Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Warehouse Roller Racks

June 13, 2022

Customer Name: Guangzhou Guangaixing Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Project Industry: Auto Parts Industry

Shelf area: 800 square meters

Project Location: Guangzhou China

Customer introduction:

Guangaixing Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established in September 1999. It is jointly invested by Japan Tokyo Seat Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Automobile Group Parts Co., Ltd., Taiwan Quanxing Industrial Co., Ltd. and Samoa Unicorn Company.  


It is a joint venture with a registered capital of 5 million US dollars and covers an area of 11,066 square meters. Guangaixing is a professional manufacturer mainly producing interior trim panels for car doors.


Project follow up:

The auto parts industry uses more warehouse roller racks (also called gravity shelf), because there are many types of auto parts, and storage and picking often need to be carried out at the same time.


Warehouse roller rack is a storage rack type suitable for heavy cargo storage and picking. Guangaixing Auto Parts Co., Ltd. also understood these advantages of warehouse roller rack, so it decided to build a warehouse  to see the effect.


When installing and debugging, it is suitable to put the goods on the Guangzhou roller rack, and the speed of sliding can be controlled by the damper. The customer said that the effect they expected has been achieved, and the latter warehouse will also consider using the gravity shelf.


Real scene show:

warehouse roller racks

gravity shelf

gravity shelf