Aipak Guangdong Automated Storage Asrs Systems

June 13, 2022
Customer Name: Guangzhou Aipak Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Project Industry: Auto Parts Industry

Shelf area: 1000 square meters

Project Location: Guangzhou China


Customer introduction:


Aipak company produces auto body frames and other parts, produces and processes key auto parts (including instrument cluster), fine punching dies, precision cavity molds, mold standard parts, mold fixtures, and thick precision parts.


It is one of the major suppliers of Japanese auto parts in Guangdong area. Main customers include Guangzhou Honda, China Honda, Dongfeng Nissan.



Project follow up:

Aipak company mainly produces and processes auto parts products. Its requirements are large storage capacity of goods and high storage and retrieval efficiency.


Therefore, EYDA Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. designed automated storage system warehouse for it. Automated storage can maximize their warehouse & reduce labor costs.

Real scene effect:

asrs systems

asrs systems

automated storage