What types of clothing warehouse shelves are there?

November 09, 2022

Before clothing is sold, it needs to be stored on warehouse shelves, whether it is a clothing production factory or a store that sells clothing. There are more than one storage shelves that can store clothing. What are the types of clothing warehouse shelves?

Garment storage can be accessed manually, by forklift, or automated. For manual access, you can choose shelf shelves, attic platform shelves, and fluent shelves from Dongguan warehouse shelf manufacturers. Forklifts can choose pallet racks, drive-in racks, double-depth racks and other types for loading and unloading goods, and shuttle racks, four-way truck three-dimensional warehouses, and stacker three-dimensional warehouse racks can be selected for automated storage and retrieval. There are many types of clothing warehouse shelves, and you can choose the appropriate type according to storage needs and warehouse goods.