Do smart shelves need to add crash barriers?

November 07, 2022
When designing storage shelves, especially high-level shelves, shelf manufacturers will install anti-collision bars on the shelves.There are generally three storage methods for storage shelves: manual access, forklift access, and automated access. High-level shelves are generally used with forklifts. During the storage operation, the staff often collided with the shelf column due to improper operation. At this time, the installed anti-collision barrier came into play. The installation of anti-collision bars on the high shelves of the warehouse can prevent the mechanical handling equipment such as forklifts from directly colliding with the shelves, and the anti-collision bars can avoid deformation, tilting, collapse and other phenomena after the collision of the shelves.

  So do smart storage shelves need to add anti-collision bars? Intelligent storage shelves, some of which are directly stored and stored manually, do not need to add anti-collision bars. However, intelligent storage shelves, generally large-scale logistics storage systems, need to use forklifts to directly load and store goods, and they need to add anti-collision bars. Large equipment, such as forklifts, has a high collision intensity, which may cause the shelves to deform or even collapse, causing safety accidents. Therefore, shelf manufacturers strongly recommend customers who purchase custom storage shelves to install crash barriers on the shelves.