4 Buckle Warehouse Pallet Rack

May 23, 2022

Nowadays, most warehouse shelves have a combined structure, that is, detachable shelves, and almost every component can be disassembled and adjusted. Compared with the previous welded rack, the combined rack is more flexible. The hanger is an important joint between the beam and the column. Let's take a look at the effect of the 4-buckle hanger designed for the gravity shelf.




After knowing the warehouse shelf, you should know that there are 3 buckles, 4 buckles and 6 buckles for hanging pieces. Many warehouse rack manufacturers use 3-buckle hangers, which have no effect on light warehouse racks, but will have a certain impact on heavy-duty racks. For example, gravity racks are a type of heavy-duty racks. The load-bearing capacity is generally 1-2 tons, and the hanger with 3 buckles is relatively low for such a large load-bearing capacity, and the shelf life is relatively shorter. .




The 4-buckle hanger of the gravity rack design means that 4 buckles are fastened on the column. From a mechanical point of view, not only will the degree of stability be higher, the force area will also be larger, and the life of the entire storage rack system will be longer. . Therefore, if you have higher requirements for quality, 4-buckle hanger is a better choice.