Medical Industry ASRS Warehouse

May 13, 2022

Project Location: Abu Dhabi

Warehouse Coverage: 2849 square meter


Automatic Storage Area By Stacker Crane


Pallet Rack Storage Location: 4432

Rack Height: 14.8 Meter

Rack Layer : 6

Height of each Layer: 2.45 m

Max. Loading Weight of each Pallet: 800kg

Stacker Crane  weight capacity 1000kg: 4 sets

Stacker Crane Height: 18.4 m

Running Speed (adjustable) : 3-120m/min

Lifting Speed (adjustable): 3-25m/min

Fork Speed (adjustable): 3-20m/min

Storage area by miniload

Container Storage Location : 4056

Rack Height: 12 m

Height of each Layer : 0.45 m

Miniload Stacker Crane loading weight capacity 50kg : 1set

Stacker Crane Height : 11.9 m

Running Speed (adjustable) : 3-200m/min

Lifting Speed (adjustable) : 3-40m/min

Fork Speed (adjustable): 3-40m/min



Storage area by forklift truck


Pallet Rack Location : 384