Desen Laulite Air Purification Guangzhou Shelf Rack

June 29, 2022

Customer name: Guangzhou Desen Lalite Air Purification Technology Co., Ltd.

Project Industry: General Equipment Manufacturing

Shelf area: 200 square meters

Project Location: Guangzhou China


Customer introduction:


Guangzhou Desen Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd., the headquarter of Guangzhou Desen Lolit Air Purification Technology Co., Ltd., was founded in 1993. It is a group company with three major business sectors: clean energy comprehensive services, industrial boiler manufacturing, and indoor health and environmental management. It has built three well-known brands in the industry, namely "Desen Boiler", "Little Squirrel" and "Laolite".


The company mainly provides environmental protection technical consulting services, fan, refrigeration, air-conditioning equipment manufacturing, ventilation equipment system installation services, etc.


Project follow up:

Because Guangzhou Desen Laolite Air Purification Technology Co., Ltd. is a brand of a listed company, they pay great attention to the beauty of the warehouse and the quality of the equipment.


This batch of shelf racks is mainly used to store cooling and ventilation equipment such as fans and air conditioners. Due to the light weight of these goods, they chose a single-layer shelf with a load capacity of 200KG.


In order to prevent the goods from being unsightly after being placed on the shelves, Desen-Laolit specially asked Eyda Storage Company to design shelf baffles for it, blocking both sides of the shelf racks, making the whole warehouse look very neat and atmospheric.

Real scene show:

shelf rack

shelf rack

warehouse shelving racks

shelf rack