Guangdong Red Wall Material Drive in Rack Customized

June 16, 2022

Customer name: Guangdong Red Wall Materials Co., Ltd.

Project Industry: Chemical Industry

Shelf area: 800 square meters

Project Location: Huizhou, China


Customer introduction:

Guangdong Red Wall Materials Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of concrete admixtures. It has three wholly-owned subsidiaries: Guangxi Hongqiang New Materials Co., Ltd., Hebei Hongqiang New Materials Co., Ltd., and Putian Senrui Building Materials Co., Ltd. Huizhou, Guangdong is the production management center.


Guangdong Red Wall is a professional manufacturer of admixture in China.


Project follow up:


Guangdong Red wall Materials Co., Ltd. mainly produces admixture materials. The specifications of the goods are uniform, and the categories are relatively single. According to their requirements of the storage capacity, Eyda engineers customized heavy-duty drive in racking for them.


Drive in warehouse rackings are high-density warehouse racks. The forklift directly enters the cargo lane to pick up goods, which saves a lot of warehouse space. The number of cargo spaces is dense, and the storage capacity is very large. It is the first choice for enterprise warehouses with higher storage requirements, such as Guangdong Red Wall Company.


The height of the drive in warehouse racking can be designed to be more than 8 meters, which is suitable for the storage of heavy goods with single category and uniform specification. The drive in racking is widely used in food, tobacco, cold storage and other warehouses.


Real scene show:

drive in racking

drive in racking

drive in warehouse racking