What are the types of mezzanine rack?

The attic shelf adopts a multi-layer shelf shelf structure, which improves the storage utilization rate of the space and maintains the characteristics of the shelf shelf. The practice of loft-style shelves can be the shelves on each floor of the steel platform, or the shelves themselves are load-bearing structures, which can generally be designed into multiple floors, equipped with pedestrian stairs, handrails and door-to-door goods.

Product Description

What types of mezzanine rack are there?

Conventional attic racking Conventional attic racking is to build a two-story platform on the existing site to increase the storage space of the warehouse. Conventional multi-tire racking

 are usually used to store small and medium items or goods with a long storage period, which are usually used together with mechanical equipment such as forklifts


The beam-type attic rack uses pallets as storage units. The racking system is easy to install and disassemble, and the position of the beam can be freely adjusted according to the needs of use. It is usually used together with storage and transportation equipment such as roadway stackers.


Cantilevered attic racks can be designed as single-sided or double-sided according to their own needs. This racking system is usually used to store long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods.