Attic warehouse rack

The attic shelf adopts a multi-layer shelf shelf structure, which improves the storage utilization rate of the space and maintains the characteristics of the shelf shelf. The practice of loft-style shelves can be the shelves on each floor of the steel platform, or the shelves themselves are load-bearing structures, which can generally be designed into multiple floors, equipped with pedestrian stairs, handrails and door-to-door goods.

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    Communication needs
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    A variety of laminates to choose from

    Attic warehouse rack according to the needs of customized size, load bearing, number of layers, height, laminates also have wood, iron plate, galvanized sheet and other options
    A variety of laminates to choose from
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    Strengthen and thicken, stable structure

    The attic warehouse rack is a multi-floor shelf that makes full use of space and can increase the space utilization rate by up to 3 times. Strengthen and thicken, stable structure.
    Strengthen and thicken, stable structure